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August 06 2017

Senior Oracle DBA managing High availability SaaS applications at DrFirst, Inc. (Rockville, MD) (allows remote)

Life is short, work somewhere awesome!
We're looking for Disciplined, Driven, and Smart A-players who are committed to making an impact and driving change in the healthcare industry. We manage business critical databases which are tied to Terabytes of patient data, enabling our customers to access critical prescription information in real time. Here we solve the most complex problems that arise in the areas of distributed computing, high volume transaction processing, and large-scale system design.
Are you a highly motivated Database technologist who wants to make your mark in Healthcare? Do your ideas reflect in smartly designed, scalable, reliable workflows and database designs? If so…

As Part of the Database Team, You Will:
• Design high availability database configurations; design and execute database backups and restore plans for business critical, high availability Oracle 12C, Mongo and MySQL databases
• Monitor and tune databases to ensure optimal performance in production and all of the lower environments
• Install, upgrade database software; create and configure database instances. Create test and training databases, replicate from production.
• Perform database code testing and carry out SQL tuning exercises to improve performance
• Develop solutions that keep data secure and safe based on appropriate access controls and encryption
• Design and maintain shared/distributed databases and provide guidance to application developers on same
• Perform capacity planning; identify the server hardware, software and configuration requirements for new databases working in conjunction with Infrastructure team members
• Train and mentor junior team members
• Participate in an on-call rotation providing 24x7x365 operations support

Site Reliability Engineer managing high availability SaaS applications at DrFirst, Inc. (Rockville, MD) (allows remote)

The SRE team is in-house expert on building reliable and maintainable systems. They plan infrastructure capacity to accomplish High Availability and uptime goals for all of the DrFirst products.
The DevOps/ Site Reliability team eliminates inefficiencies and incompatibilities which jeopardize service availability to deliver a reliable and scalable software service to DrFirst’s clients. Key aspects of this role include automation, configuration management, and tools development while collaborating with the engineering team on projects/products as an expert on reliability, performance, and efficiency.

As a part of the Systems team, you will:
• Periodically assess all monitoring requirements and implement necessary enhancements to meet changing/growing business needs
• Enhance current automation processes of managing capacity, safely deploying software and mitigating failures
• Tune and troubleshoot full-stack software applications using OOPS, Java, web services, Oracle DB, Mongo DB, networks concepts and virtualization techniques
• Proactively review, recommend and implement changes to the live infrastructure after ensuring the right validation has been carried out
• Assist in rollout and deployment of new product features and installations to facilitate rapid iteration.
• Confidently make informed, data-driven decisions in a fast-paced environment with competing priorities
• Create and maintain Chef recipes for instance configuration management
• Participate in 24/7 on-call rotation and after hours deployment

Valve Software Inc: Customer Service Rep / Admin Assistant

Headquarters: Dallas,TX


Responsible for answering telephone inquiries and promoting an organization's products and services.
Responsible for researching and resolving complaints to ensure customer retention and satisfaction.


A High School Diploma or GED is required.
Must be able to communicate effectively in the English language.
Must have at least 1 year of experience preferably with release of information, medical records, or other related experience in a healthcare environment.
Proven customer service experience and/or training.
Ability to effectively use computer software and technology as required by the member facility including Microsoft Word and Excel
Ability to understand and become knowledgeable of Release of Information standards, policies & procedures and HIPAA regulations and to complete work in compliance of these and other standards.
Ability to read and comprehend simple, healthcare terminology
Effective organizational skills a must
Effective verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to use fax, copier, microfilm machine, and multiline phone system and other required work tools
Ability to learn new equipment and required processes in a fast paced environment
Must be willing to travel to multiple sites based on the needs of the region
Ability to work professionally, effectively, and efficiently in a team environment with customers, management and co-workers.
Must be able to multi-task effectively

To apply: bettervalves@hrprocess.org

July 15 2017

Lou Halsell Rodenberger Book Prize Calls for Entries – $1,000 Prize – No Entry Fee
Latitude 46 Publishing Calls for Nonfiction Stories to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday – Pays $150/story

Senior FullStack Developer - ReactJS and NodeJS at Bloomon (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (allows remote)

For this job you can either relocate to Amsterdam or work remotely.

We want to make it clear – here at bloomon we are a little rebellious. And a lot disruptive. The new guys taking on the traditional players. While turning our industry on its head.

Therefore, you are a person who is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and performing tasks that are necessary for the success of our great product. You feel comfortable writing decoupled micro-services, indirectly communicating through an event stream or PubSub, and you challenge those writing monolithic APIs.

You’ll probably ask yourself now – how is technology related to the flower industry or to bloomon and how can I be disrupting anything as a full-stack developer in a flower-delivery-company.

Well, we are glad you asked!

You would be surprised to hear that anything in our product is based on tech and data. Behind every bunch of flowers there are tons of algorithms, lines of codes, and you may even come across a bug or two.

How do we work?

Our working methodology is as disruptive as our stack and infrastructure. We are working towards a Squad model founded by spotify, where you work in a small multi-disciplinary team. In addition, we use tools such as Slack, Jira, Github, and Trello to communicate efficiently and asynchronously — this allows us to work with anyone, anywhere.We work from hubs spread out between Europe and Asia. And it works great! After setting priorities, tasks enter a kanban (much like a living sprint), where developers set their own ETA which they themselves can monitor using time tracking. This way all our developers know exactly what to do, when and how. Next to that, this approach allows us to hire amazing developers from around the world, without having to compromise based on their location. Still not convinced? Apply and let us show you!


As you’ve read above we are looking for a full-stack developer. We work with the latest technologies, which allows for rapid development. Think about React.js , Redux, Webpack,Material UI, Node.js, Hapi, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, etc.. We would love it if you already have a lot of experience in React.js and Redux. If you say you are very experienced with another high-level JavaScript framework such as Vue.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js – we would still be very happy. You do need to have a great understanding of Javascript, e.g. how scopes work and why we don’t like side effects. Everything you do will be in consideration of fundamental principles such as testability, readability, and separation of concerns.

A way to make us even more excited would be if you take an extra suitcase with for example knowledge about React sagas, Grid layouts based on e.g. react-flexbox-grid. It would be great if you could explain why Bootstrap doesn’t play very well with React’s component based architecture, or that css’ global nature in general is somewhat against what we are trying to achieve. But don’t worry if you don’t have it all – we organize peer programming every two weeks – so just take your enthusiasm and we will help you learn.

What do we expect from you?

  • 6 months experience with React.js and redux; or very experienced with a high-level Javascript framework such as Vue.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js

  • 2+ years Javascript (ES6), webpack, and Node.js

  • Great understanding on how to structure maintainable large-scale frontend and backend applications; e.g. how to separate concerns (business logic vs UI vs state)

  • Experience with Node.js frameworks such as HAPI, Restify, Express, Loopback, etc.

  • Experience working with, or great understanding of, micro-services and/or cloud functions

  • Unit, integration, and end-to-end testing

  • SQL

Bonus (not necessary)

  • Laravel / PHP

  • Experience with gRPC, Kafka, RabbitMQ

  • CI/CD (Kubernetes, Jenkins, TravisCI, Docker)

  • Experience with side effect management libraries

  • Grid layouts based on e.g. react-flexbox-grid or Bootstrap

What will YOU do?

Next to regular day-to-day operations (creation and maintenance of web applications, design, code and test new features, incident management, ode reviews for your peer developers, and provide feedback when applicable, coach and share your experience with your team) – we have some exciting projects coming up. Think of turning a set of wireframes and designs into a fully functional gifting system, allowing our customers to give bloomon to their friends with great ease.. Or a flexible promotion codes system for sales teams in Europe or a forecasting system for our purchasing and production teams. Another one would be to setup pipelines that convert input from a transaction database to a data warehouse, optimized for data analysis, or in order to sync this data with external APIs such as our CRM system.

July 14 2017

Piggy, LLC: UI Developer - Remote

Senior Software Engineer - VMware at Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud company (San Antonio, TX) (allows remote)

Rackspace is a leading managed services provider for cloud and hosting solutions based on VMware technologies with more than a decade’s worth of VMware operational expertise gained from operating thousands of virtual machines and hypervisors on a global scale. This is one of the biggest market opportunities and a growing business for Rackspace. This division is also one of the largest businesses within Rackspace with aggressive goals to grow the business further.
As a VMware Software Engineer at Rackspace, you will contribute to our hosting and cloud products powered by VMware technologies. You will have a great opportunity to grow your career working on some of the latest and greatest VMware technologies, including compute, storage and network virtualization, software-defined datacenter, cloud orchestration and automation, and more. Develop products to help transform thousands of customers from their on-premise IT infrastructure into a hybrid cloud journey by working alongside Rackspace architects, engineers, support, as well as our VMware partners.
Do you love technology? Do you want a job that will allow you to have an influence in the future of traditional IT customers to grow into the hybrid cloud world? Do you want to grow your career in one of the hottest areas of managed hosting and cloud solutions? Join us in a job you will love, as a VMware Software Engineer at Rackspace!

Technologies we use in this job:

Software Engineers on the VMware team code in Java, Python and Grails.  We also use message bus technologies and Postgres.  If you are comfortable with 60% of these technologies and LOVE to learn, don't hesitate to reach out!

Site Reliability Engineer at DuckDuckGo (Paoli, PA) (allows remote)

We are a diverse team from around the world working together on a mission to make DuckDuckGo the world's most trusted search engine, and we want your help! 

Join us as a site reliability engineer at DuckDuckGo and become part of the team shaping our growing infrastructure. As a member of our Operations team you will work together with your peers to keep the search engine online, stable and fast. You will leverage your expertise to challenge our assumptions about the reliability of our deployment and the effectiveness of our processes as we grow. 

As a member of a global Operations team you will sometimes be expected to work inconvenient hours for on-call responsibilities and synchronous work with your team. The ability to coordinate with people across time zones is an expectation of the role.

Senior Android Engineer to Help Build the Next Generation of the Web at Brave Software (San Francisco, CA) (allows remote)

Brave is looking for an experienced Android developer to help build our Brave Web Browser app. It's already receiving rave reviews and we are only just beginning. Jump in and work with a not-notch team and watch our adoption soar with your help.

Engineering Manager (Performance Lead) at Wikimedia Foundation (San Francisco, CA) (allows remote)

Location: San Francisco, CA or Remote


The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for an experienced engineering manager to oversee our Performance Team. We are looking for someone who is passionate about Wikimedia's mission to bring free knowledge to every person on the planet, and who will strive to help Wikimedia software developers learn to incorporate performance into their development practices.

The Engineering Manager will work with the Product and Technology teams at Wikimedia who support engineers and designers building features, products, and services used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. This is an opportunity to do good while improving the performance of one of the best known sites in the world.

YOU ARE ... a smart, experienced, hands on software professional that understands all aspects of performance in a top web property. You have significant software performance experience in large scale systems. You have experience counseling engineering and non-engineering teams about performance requirements and implications of their projects. You know how to build software to the highest standards and hold others to the same high standards. You embrace the concepts of open source software development and the importance of community building. You have experience with and enjoy working with highly technical and passionate teams. You enjoy being part of a large, vibrant, passionate and involved community.

You will be managing a team responsible for ensuring the performance of applications written in PHP and JavaScript, using both relational and key-value data storage mechanisms. The team intervenes at any level of the Wikimedia production stack, including its caching, traffic layers, and more. You should be comfortable auditing and improving performance in languages and tools you’ve never worked with before. Given the diversity of our software stack, the ability to get out of one’s comfort zone is a must-have skill to manage the Performance Team.

You will be driving and producing most of the team’s communication, which can take the form of collaboration with other teams, advocacy, internal and external talks, blog posts and more. You will be the chief performance evangelist to the Foundation, the Movement and the greater Web Performance community.

As an Engineering Manager, we’d like you to do these things:

  • Be the performance standard bearer in the Foundation and our communities.

  • Be visible in the performance community and work to influence others and bring learnings to the team.

  • Work together with the other team members to identify areas for performance improvement and the needed solutions.

  • Serve as a subject matter expert on performance and a resource to engineering teams across the Foundation.

  • Manage a team of four members, conduct performance reviews, hiring, goal-setting, compensation planning, and career development.

  • Design and develop performance-centric enhancements of Wikimedia systems.

  • Conduct performance reviews of software designs and implementations.

  • Define and manage department budget.

It would be great if you have experience in one or more of these:

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Computer Science, or a related field.

  • Working on a large, mature, open source project.

  • Contributing to the Wikipedia or Wikimedia project communities.

  • Virtualization technologies.

  • Building and maintaining large-scale server applications.

  • Developing and debugging in Linux (LAMP) environments.

  • Knowledge of PHP, HHVM and JavaScript.

  • Debugging front-end JavaScript web applications in Chrome or Firefox.

  • Linux system administration and automation using shell scripting (bash, ZSH, etc.)

  • Static analysis tools such as Veracode, pfff, PHP-sat, or PHP_CodeSniffer.

  • C/C++ debugging using open source tools like gdb or Valgrind.

  • Operating system internals, filesystems, programming language design, or compilers.

Please provide URLs to any existing free software work you may have done (your own software or patches to other packages) if possible – we'd love to see what you can do!

Full Stack Ninja at NinjaCat () (allows remote)

If you are quick like a ninja and nimble as a cat, come join NinjaCat!  We are looking for a software developer to join an amazing team of creative people passionate about technology.  We need somebody who will:

  • Think on their feet about solutions to problems

  • Create features that delivers on usability, performance and software craftsmanship

  • Work through business and technology problems with a tight knit team. We collaborate on ideas starting from a random thought to a full blow feature.

  • Enjoys the flexibility of working from home and at startup speed. This is not a 9-5 job.  Note, we are only accepting candidates in North America, with a preference for developers in the Toronto or Long Island area.

  • Understand the customers come first. We ship often and work closely with customers to get it right.

About us

  • We develop mostly in PHP, Laravel, Vue.js and TypeScript.

  • Everybody is able to communicate complex ideas in a way that can share their vision

  • We do continuous deployment to production, which means we get early feedback from customers

  • We write good tests. Not tests for the sake of tests, but tests that help us think out code design and protect ourselves from regression and ultimately move faster.

  • We run everything on AWS. If you haven't used it, it’s great. 

Pluralsight: Software Engineer
Doximity: Data Scientist (Sr.)
Doximity: Data Engineer (Sr.)

July 13 2017

Remote Senior Software Engineer (Java) at ALICE () (allows remote)

ALICE solves the complex logistics of running every department in a hotel through a unified platform. We are looking for a product minded Back End or Full Stack Java Engineer to build the next generation of ALICE products and their technical architecture. We build efficient and resilient systems that can scale globally and operate in real time.

Our front end stack is AngularJS. Our back end is Java, Groovy/Grails, Spring MVC, and Hibernate. 

Skills & Requirements

  • Object Oriented Development for 5+ Years in Java or comparable language

  • Understanding of databases, SQL and Data Modeling

  • Distributed Systems Architecture / SOA

  • Real time systems and messaging

  • Experience or interest in learning front end development (AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5)

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

Intermediate Rails Developer - Southeast U.S. at Baldwin Aviation - Safety & Compliance (Hilton Head Island, SC) (allows remote)

Baldwin Aviation is a leader in aviation safety management systems and we are looking for a remote* (or on-site) developer to join our development team.

We are seeking a motivated and dependable Ruby on Rails developer with full stack experience who is eager to join a company that is making a difference in the industry. We are a small company, which means we each have the flexibility and responsibility to be creative in how we build our software solutions. Get ready to make a big impact with a market-changing company and to hit the ground running!

*If remote, we would prefer candidates who are located in the Southeast U.S. - close enough to drive to our headquarters in Hilton Head, SC to spend a week every 4-6 weeks onsite. 

Full Stack Software Engineer at Motel () (allows remote)

Motel is looking for an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer to join our team who will not only help us build great products, but also be an important part of maturing our development process. You can learn more about working at Motel here.

You’ll be joining a nimble team of talented, driven engineers dedicated to working together in a supportive and collaborative environment — passionate about mentorship, growth, and constantly improving the quality of our work across the team. Our technical chops are strong but our healthy communication, support, and collaboration make us most proud. You can expect:

  • Safe and supportive code review

  • Healthy test coverage

  • Dedicated time and budget for learning new technology

  • Servant leadership

Join us if you have an excellent knowledge of deployment, performance, debugging, refactoring, design patterns and other programming practices. You should have experience with multiple programming languages and paradigms.

While full stack experience is a requirement, we are currently refining our preferences in languages and toolsets. We currently have Elixir, Node, React, Vue, and Ember applications in production. Experience or interest in Elixir is a big plus.

Very well-qualified applicants will also be skilled mentors, consultants, and should show a consistent track record of contributing to open source communities.

First Year Goals

To give you a glimpse of how we see your skill set growing and impacting our team in the near future, take a look at our first year goals for this position:

  • To lead a team of engineers on a client or internal product

  • To contribute to new open source projects

  • To pass on new skills to the rest of the engineering team by presenting at our weekly team meeting

  • To write technical presentations and posts for your local engineering community

  • To directly mentor a fellow engineer To architect a technical solution to a client problem

Great How-to/Technical Writers Needed!
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