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Site Reliability Engineer at Trello (New York, NY) (allows remote)

As a Site Reliability Engineer at Trello, you’ll work on keeping everything running efficiently as we scale the infrastructure supporting over 19 million Trello users on the way to our goal of 100 million users.

Key Responsibilities

  • Comfortable owning the infrastructure and pragmatically solving problems dealing with complex systems.

  • Working with developers to support the latest features that we have in development, like Power-Ups, data pipeline improvements, and scalable microservices.

  • Contributing your insights across the team to help us improve or re-architect existing systems for scale and extensibility.

Skills & Requirements

  • You've been in the trenches building highly scalable, efficient, and resilient systems.

  • You prefer lasting solutions, yet know the time and place for a quick hack.

  • You're excited about scaling the platform using technologies in our stack like MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and Redis to handle massive quantities of data and users.

  • You’re comfortable deploying and monitoring the systems that you’ve built with tools like puppet and nagios.

  • You’re a fast learner and can contribute from day one.

  • You have an excellent command of written and spoken English.

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