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Site Reliability Engineer managing high availability SaaS applications at DrFirst, Inc. (Rockville, MD) (allows remote)

The SRE team is in-house expert on building reliable and maintainable systems. They plan infrastructure capacity to accomplish High Availability and uptime goals for all of the DrFirst products.
The DevOps/ Site Reliability team eliminates inefficiencies and incompatibilities which jeopardize service availability to deliver a reliable and scalable software service to DrFirst’s clients. Key aspects of this role include automation, configuration management, and tools development while collaborating with the engineering team on projects/products as an expert on reliability, performance, and efficiency.

As a part of the Systems team, you will:
• Periodically assess all monitoring requirements and implement necessary enhancements to meet changing/growing business needs
• Enhance current automation processes of managing capacity, safely deploying software and mitigating failures
• Tune and troubleshoot full-stack software applications using OOPS, Java, web services, Oracle DB, Mongo DB, networks concepts and virtualization techniques
• Proactively review, recommend and implement changes to the live infrastructure after ensuring the right validation has been carried out
• Assist in rollout and deployment of new product features and installations to facilitate rapid iteration.
• Confidently make informed, data-driven decisions in a fast-paced environment with competing priorities
• Create and maintain Chef recipes for instance configuration management
• Participate in 24/7 on-call rotation and after hours deployment

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