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Full Stack Software Engineer at Motel () (allows remote)

Motel is looking for an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer to join our team who will not only help us build great products, but also be an important part of maturing our development process. You can learn more about working at Motel here.

You’ll be joining a nimble team of talented, driven engineers dedicated to working together in a supportive and collaborative environment — passionate about mentorship, growth, and constantly improving the quality of our work across the team. Our technical chops are strong but our healthy communication, support, and collaboration make us most proud. You can expect:

  • Safe and supportive code review

  • Healthy test coverage

  • Dedicated time and budget for learning new technology

  • Servant leadership

Join us if you have an excellent knowledge of deployment, performance, debugging, refactoring, design patterns and other programming practices. You should have experience with multiple programming languages and paradigms.

While full stack experience is a requirement, we are currently refining our preferences in languages and toolsets. We currently have Elixir, Node, React, Vue, and Ember applications in production. Experience or interest in Elixir is a big plus.

Very well-qualified applicants will also be skilled mentors, consultants, and should show a consistent track record of contributing to open source communities.

First Year Goals

To give you a glimpse of how we see your skill set growing and impacting our team in the near future, take a look at our first year goals for this position:

  • To lead a team of engineers on a client or internal product

  • To contribute to new open source projects

  • To pass on new skills to the rest of the engineering team by presenting at our weekly team meeting

  • To write technical presentations and posts for your local engineering community

  • To directly mentor a fellow engineer To architect a technical solution to a client problem

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